What’s the difference between this and yelling fire in a theater?

Best way to get hits on your site?  Bitch about something that someone else is doing.  Second best way to get hits on your site?  Fear mongering.  You win this one Forbes.

Also, thanks Daily Show for this excellent picture!

All this Andy Greenberg guy is able to prove in his video is that you are completely safe from hacking in your car.  In order for these “experts” to hack your car, they would have to do the following things:

  • Break into your car
  • Tear out the dashboard of your car
  • Hook up their laptop to your (more than 30) ECUs
  • Be in the car while you’re driving to mess with you

If someone had to do all this to make you crash, why didn’t they just cut your brake lines?  Thank you Andy and Forbes, for wasting my DAMN TIME.

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