Who’s the Boss now?

If you’re a mus­cle fan, it’s gotta be for one of the big three. Unfor­tu­nately, I feel like the Moparguys are seri­ously under rep­re­sented. The two main rivals are of course the Mus­tang and theCamaro. I am a Camaro guy, I just like how it looks (except for those god awful fourth gen­er­a­tion f-​bodys). But on top of that, you just got to like hav­ing a corvette heart in your car.

Well Chevy has got an answer to the Boss 302. Appar­ently the GT500 was not a fast track car, sorry “by the num­bers” guys. It is a lit­tle unfair since they had a yard stick to mea­sure their car against, but a win is a win. But is that win worth 20,000 dollars?

Yup, the Camaro Z/​28 is look­ing to be about 70,000 dol­lars while the Boss 302 is 50,000. Now that is quite the price dif­fer­ence. Per­son­ally, I think I’d just get an SS. I like mod­i­fy­ing my cars.

Take a look at the video, it’s put down some impres­sive numbers.

SOURCE: Chevy pits the Camaro Z/​28 against the Mus­tang Boss 302

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