Worlds most random drag race

Once again it’s MotorTrend’s drag race.  This is where they put a bunch of random cars together and see how they do down a quarter mile.

Now this is interesting, but it definitely is not as cool as they try to make it.  First of all, their car choices are always weird.  We have a bunch of cars with over 350 horsepower?  Cool, lets throw a FWD four cylinder in there just for kicks.  That just makes no sense.

Here is the list of cars:

I’m pretty sure you can see here who lost the race.  But who won the race?  Well you can probably guess to that too.  But why not just go ahead and take a look at the video?  Oh, because it’s lame?  Well watch it anyway, the poor editors at MotorTrend need your money!

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